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Welcome to Alcoa Middle School Language Arts Web Site.
Cool New Site!

West Virginia Info Depot (User ID 70105 - Password eagles)

TCAP Practice Test

TCAP Practice Test-Item Sampler (5th Grade)

TCAP Practice Test-Item Sampler (6th Grade)

TCAP Practice Test-Item Sampler (7th Grade)

TCAP Practice Test-Item Sampler (8th Grade)

TCAP Practice Test (5th Grade)

TCAP Practice Test (6th Grade)

TCAP Practice Test (7th Grade)

TCAP Practice Test (8th Grade)

Internet 4 Classroom Practice Problems For TCAP

Internet 4 Classrooms - Practice Problems (5th Grade)

Internet 4 Classrooms - Practice Problems (6th Grade)

Internet 4 Classrooms - Practice Problems (7th Grade)

Internet 4 Classrooms - Practice Problems (8th Grade)

Cool Language Arts Sites

A Word A Day Archive(Archive of words used)

ABC English(English as a 2nd language)

Absolute Shakespeare(All about Shakespeare works)

Academy of American Poets (Site for poems and publishing)

Acronym Finder (Find acronyms, abbreviations and definitions)

Aesop's Fables (655 fables indexed in table format)

African American Women Writers-19th Century (Online collection of 52 full-text works)

American English Pronunciation (Examples and practice)

Analogy Quiz 1 (Determine which choice has a similar relationship)

Analogy Quiz 2 (Determine which choice has a similar relationship)

Animals, Myths and Legends (Legends about Animals)

Ask the Author (Contains information on popular authors)

Barlett's Quotations(The book of famous quotations on the internet)

Bibliographic Blunders(Use notecards to collect information)

Bibme(Fully automatic bibliography maker)

Bibliomania (2000 free texts and reference resources)

The Book Nook (Site for students to publish book reviews)

Chapter A Day (Classical novels online divided into chapters)

Character Cards (Helpful cards to collect data while researching)

Children's Literature Web Guide(Internet resources related to books for children)

Classic Bookshelf (Ancient classics, Medieval classics online)

Classic Short Stories (Online text of some short story classics)

Comic Strips (Make up your own comics)

Common Errors In English Usage (Do you "shutter to think" misusage of the language?)

Complete Works Of Shakespeare (The Works of Shakespeare)

Cyberkids(Quarterly on-line magazine written by kids for kids)

Diagramming Sentences(Construct good sentences)

Dictionary(Look up any word; Online English dictionary)

Drama - The Mercury Theatre On The Air(Finest radio drama of the 1930's)

Electronic Text Center(Modern English collection)

Encyclopedia Mythica (An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend)

English Forum (Interactive English exercises for use in ESL classes)

English Grammar(Online guide for grammar)

English Grammar Quizzes(Self checking quizzes)

English Server (Contains poetry, fiction, nonfiction and much more)

Etymologic (The toughest word game on the web)

Every-Day-Edit (Provides daily practice of skills)

Feast Of Homonyms (A QUIA game)

Fluency Through Fables (Fables will help you improve comprehension)

Folktale Of The Month (Tales and other selections of the month)

Giggle Poetry (Fun poetry site for students)

Goosebumps(Index to Goosebumps books, fan club and much more)

Grammar Aquarium (Many grammar online activities)

Grammar And Writing (Interactive quizzes)

Grammar Slammer (Help with English usage)

Grammar Worksheets And Printables (Free grammar and vocabulary worksheets)

Greek Mythology(Articles about central figures)

Homonym Practice(A QUIA game)

Homonym Quizes(Self-study, over 50 quizzes listed)

Idioms Site (How someone might literally interpret)

Inference For Middle School Students (Lessons, activities and graphic organizers)

Information Elimination (Practice narrowing a topic)

Interactive Quote The Raven (Poe's use of literary devices)

Internet Classics Archive (A collection of classics for students)

Internet Public Library Reading Room (This "room" contains bookshelves for browsing)

Jog Lab (Create your own mnemonic)

Kid Lit (Quality children's literature)

Kid Newsroom(Kids writing from everywhere)

Kidpub(Collection of stories written by students)

Kids Love A Mystery (New mystery activity every day)

KidStory (Read other kids stories and even submit your own)

Language Arts Literature (Includes student activities for literature-based units)

Law Buzz(Stories about famous trials from the past)

Learn Out Loud(Podcast of novels)

Literary Elements(Interactive game)

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet(Annotated guide to Shakespeare resources)

Navigating The Newspaper(Learn how newspapers package words and pictures)

Novel Guides(Activities and suggestions for novels)

Novel Units Online(Novel guides and units)

Novels On-Line(Classic novels found at Carnegie Mellon University)

On-Line Books Page(You may search by author, title, or subject)

One Look Dictionaries (Index of 187 dictionaries)

One Source (Compare primary and secondary sources)

Paraphrase Craze (Practice paraphrasing)

Parts of Speech (Explains how words are used)

Poetry 180 (A poem a day)

Poet's Pantry Tour (Virtual fieldtrip of the many types of poetry)

Prefix Mix (Working with "pre" and "post")

Prefixes Make New Words (Drop and drag the prefixes to make new words)

Prefixes Say Plenty (Choose the word that best complete the sentence)

Prewriting Tactics (Organize and group related ideas)

Project Bartleby (Collection of classic literature)

Project Gutenberg (Complete works of literature on the internet)

Proofreading Exercises (Online exercises with answers)

Purdue Online Writing Lab(Lots of tips for student writers and teachers)

Putting Down Roots 1 (Drag and drop the roots into the blanks)

Putting Down Roots 2 (Drag and drop the roots into the blanks)

Putting Your Roots Into Action 1 (Look for roots in unfamiliar words)

Putting Your Roots Into Action 2 (Look for roots in unfamiliar words)

Quotes: Quotations Page (Index of quotes)

Reading Comprehension Page (Read a passage, take a quiz)

Reading For Results (Online practice, many concepts)

Reading For Thinking (Online passages and questions for many concepts)

Reading Keys (Online passages for middle schgool students)

Root Word Lessons(Use Latin and Greek "roots and cells")

Schoolhouse:English And Language Arts(Lesson plans and internet resources)

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary(Allows you to search the net for the perfect rhyming word)

Sentence-Combining Exercises(A lesson followed by quizzes)

Sentence Completion 1(Fill in the missing vocabulary words)

Sentence Completion 2(Fill in the missing vocabulary words)

Short Story Elements(Online interactive quiz by QUIA)

Short Story Elements(Online quiz)

Skimming And Scanning(Contains lessons and activities to practice these skills)

Sonnet Central (Sonnets from all over the world)

Spelling and Vocabulary (Learn spelling principles and patterns)

Story Elements Questioning Cards (Great for after reading a book)

Success With Suffixes (Fill in the blanks with words ending in "er")

Suffixes Make New Words (Drag and drop the suffix to create new word)

Suffixes Say A Lot (Pick the best definition)

Summarizing And Paraphrasing (Online exercises and lessons)

Teacher's Desk(Resource designed for teachers of grades five and six)

Think About It Cards(Task cards to be placed beside students)

Timed Reading(Read this passage and time yourself!)

Trailblazing Conclusions(Develop a sense of ending by using closure)

Trailblazing Introductions(Develop a sense of beginning)

Vocabulary(Enhance vocabulary mastery)

Vocabulary Enrichment(Each quiz picks 10 questions from a fifty word list)

Vocabulary University(Vocabulary puzzles to enhance mastery)

Wacky Web Tales (Stories written by students)

What's A Root 1 (Work with five root words)

What's A Root 2 (Work with five more root words)

Which Writing? (Choose an appropriate format for writing)

Word Central (Look up words, fast!)

Word Confusion (Choose the hard level)

Word Detective (Answering readers' questions about words)

Word Pairs (Checks your understanding of using homophones)

Words Count (Vocabulary exercises)

World Wide Words (New word each week)

Writing Tips:Sentence Builder Builder (Improve writing sentences)

Writing Tips:Paragraph Builder Builder (Improve writing paragraphs)

Writing Tips:Essay Builder Builder (Improve writing essays)

Resources For Language Arts Teachers

Alliance For Excellent Education (Reports on Language Arts Instruction)

Busy Teachers (Printable worksheets)

Discovery School (Tons of language arts resources)

Funderstanding (Connecting people who care about learning)

Gateway Skills Practice Online (Practice skills for English gateway exam)

Internet For Classrooms (Helping you use the internet effectively)

Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators (Language arts and literature...WOW)

MCREL-Mid Continent Research For Education And Learning (Benchmarks for K-12 Education)

National Council Of Teachers Of English (Professional association of educators in language arts)

Read, Write, Think (Great language arts resources)

Rubistar (Free resource for making rubrics)

Teach-nology (Dedicated to improving education)

Texas Assessment Of Knowledge And Skills (TCAP style testing...scored online)

Web English Teacher (Building a community of readers)

Writing Fix (Lots of ideas for essay/paragraph writing)

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