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Welcome to Terra Alta/East Preston School Fun Web Site.
Fun Sites

4 Kids (Quickest shot to the coolest spots on the world wide web)

Animal Planet (Your guide to animals on the internet)

Ask an Expert (Links to many experts willing to answer your questions)

Birthday Calculator (Fun statistics about your birthdate)

Brain Bashers (Fun brain teasers that can be done alone or with a group)

Candy Time (Candy, candy, and more candy)

Channel 1 (News show for students)

Creating Music (Create your own masterpiece)

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids (Learn while playing)

Discovery Channel (History, technology, nature, exploration and much more)

Discovery Education (Free student resources)

Disney (See the sites of Disney, the web site for families)

Encylopedia on the Internet (Research guide online)

ESPN Sportszone (Sports news, scores, statistics and much more)

French Fries! (Secret history of french fries)

Fun Brain (294 fun games for students)

Good Time Poppin' Place (Find out everything about popcorn)

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages (Adventure to a national park)

Healthy Pet (Learn how to keep pets healthy)

Holidays on the Net (Find your favorite holiday)

Homework Heaven (Huge online, 11,000-link academic research directory for students)

Information Please Kids' Almanac (Find facts on thousands of subjects)

Internet Pizza Server ("Order" and view a pizza)

Kaleidoscope (Don't get dizzy)

Kids Web (Online library just for kids)

MapQuest (Find maps or get driving directions to almost anywhere)

Mid-Link Magazine (Electronic magazine for middle school students)

NASCAR Online (Current NASCAR news, results, standings and much more)

Nickelodeon (Fun site and many activities for students )

Nick Jr. (Nickelodeon website)

Official Peanuts Website (Charlie Brown and friends)

Online Piano (Learn to play simple tunes)

Refdesk.com (Contains almanacs, books, dictionaries and more)

Rhythm Band (Making more music)

Science News (Publication of the society for science)

Sparktop.org (Where no two brains spark alike)

Sports Illustrated for Kids (Current sports information for young people)

Thesaurus.com (New words, new worlds)

Time for Kids (Read the most current issue or research past issues)

World Clock (Tell time around the world)

Virtual Keyboard (Play the piano)

Yahoo Kids (Web guide for kids)

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