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Middle School Math Series Help

Math Connects (5th Grade)

Math Connects:Course 1 (6th Grade)

Math Connects:Course 2 (7th Grade)

Math Connects:Course 3 (8th Grade)

Smarter Balanced Practice Test

Smarter Balanced Practice and Training Guide (5th - 8th Grade)

Smarter Balanced Practice Test (5th - 8th Grade)

Directions for Smarter Balanced Practice Test:
1. Sign in as guest
2. Select grade level
3. Select a test to take

IXL Practice Problems

IXL Practice - WV Standards & Common Core (5th Grade Math)

IXL Practice - WV Standards & Common Core (6th Grade Math)

IXL Practice - WV Standards & Common Core (7th Grade Math)

IXL Practice - WV Standards & Common Core (8th Grade Math)

Region 7 Math Contest

Computational Knowledge Engine

Cool Math Sites

AAA Math (Interactive Practice by Topic or Grade)

Abiator's Time Tables Emporium (Flashcards)

About the Numbers in Today's Date (Facts about numbers 1-31)

Absurd Math (A whacky fun math site for middle schoolers)

Add Like Mad (Add many numbers)

Aims Activities (Integrating math and science)

A Plus Math (Games-add, subtract, multiply, divide)

Arithm Attack (Great math facts challenge)

Ask Dr. Math (Dr. Math answers question from K-12 students and teachers)

Beat the Calculator (Includes division & multiplication tips)

Biographies of Women Mathematicians (Biographies developed by students at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta)

Brain Bashers (Brain Teasers, puzzles, and riddles)

Brain Pop (All Math Movies)

Brain Pop (Fibonacci sequence)

Brain Pop (Graphing linear equations)

Brain Pop (Measuring circles)

Brain Pop (Probability)

Bug Coordinates (Move bug on coordinate grid)

Change Maker (Math game that counts change)

Clock Words (Read words then tell time)

Coloring Math Book (Math and coloring)

Cool Math.com (An amusement park of mathematics)

Cool Math 4 Kids (Fun, fun, fun math games)

Count On (Math games at all grade levels)

Create a Graph (Use your data to create a graph)

Cut-The-Knot (Interactive math puzzles)

Dance of Chance (Learn about math patterns and fractals in everyday life)

Dave's Math Tables (Math tables for general math, algebra, geometry and much more)

Decimals (Learn everything about decimals)

Decode The Barcode (Learn to decode all barcodes)

Factor Tree (Create factor trees)

FEMA ready Kids (Be prepared in every situation)

Flash Cards for Kids (Learn basic math skills while on the internet)

Fractals (Enjoy the art and science of mathematics)

Fractions (Basic fractions, comparing fractions, converting fractions)

Fun Brain (Math games for students)

Fun Mathematics Lessons (Lessons created by Cynthia Lanius)

Gamequarium Lessons (Games and Lessons)

GCalc-Free Online Graphic Calculator (Free Calculator)

Guess My Number (Mental math 1 and 2 step problems)

How Far Is It? (Calculate distances; includes longitude and latitude and compass directions)

How To Use A Compass (Lessons on using a compass)

Interactive Math Activities (Interactive lessons for students)

K-12 Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks (Good math activities and problems for middle school students)

Kid's Zone(Graphing, dare to compare)

Lemonade Game (Run a lemonade stand)

Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Interactive math-many areas and topics)

Math.com (World of math online)

Math Baseball (Batter up!)

Math Basketball (Basket math interactive)

Math Cats Explore (Math cats explore the world)

Math Dictionary For Kids (Animated, interactive dictionary)

Math Forum Student Center (Weekly and monthly math challenges, kids' projects and math tips)

Math Fun Brain (Number game online for students)

Math Fun for Girls (Hands on programs for teen girls)

Math Homework Help (Students helping students)

Math Is Fun (Resources, puzzles, upper levels)

Math League Help(Topics to help students gain confidence in math)

Math Lessons (Interesting math lessons for advanced math students)

Math Magician Games (Training for +, -, X, & / at different levels)

Mathematical Quotation Server ("Math is power")

Mathman (Insights in learning math)

Mega Mathematics (Interesting and unusual math topics)

Metric Conversions (Change English to SI units)

Middle School Calculator Activities (Math activities using a calculator)

Money Flashcards (Guess the amount of money)

Mr. Nussbaum (Many games, many levels)

Multiplication Facts (Activities and games that help teach multiplication)

Multiplication Rock (Not so long ago, we learned multiplication on tv)

Number Guessing Game (Guess a number from 1-100)

Number Line Jumper (Uses positive and negative numbers)

One False Move (Lowest to highest numbers)

Place Value Puzzler (Easy to hard rounding numbers)

Prime Page(Prime number research, records, and resources)

Probability (Roll of the dice)

QUIA.com(Where learning takes you)

Sieve of Eratosthenes(Prime Numbers)

Spinner(Probability Experiment)

Think and Learn(Identifying patterns and trends)

Time Ticker(Times from around the world)

Web Math(Instant solutions for your math problems)

Word Problems for Kids(Interesting word problems...solve them)

Learn almost anything

Brain Teasers(Logic problem solving)

Castle Mouse 2000(Game of cat and mouse)

Fraction Frenzy(Match the fractions)

Fun And Sun Rent-A-Car(Guess the best price)

How a Slide Rule Works(Most mysterious artifact of antiquity)

Magic Squares(Solve one)

Math Help-Word Problems (Basic to advanced help)

Powers of 10 (Move from the universe to inside an atom)

Speed Math Deluxe(Basic to advanced help)

The Factor Game(Exercise your factor ability)

The Fruit Game(This game will drive you crazy)

Web Quest-Internet Project(Project using the web)

A Little Fun

Angles In Triangles(Tank attack game)

Dime Tic-Tac-Toe(A different tic-tac-toe game)

Draw Tangrams(Great puzzle game)

Fantastic Four Card Game(For grades 5 and up)

Fido Puzzle(Computer guesses your number)

Fold And Cut Five Point Star(Fold and cut star shape)

Mancala Game(Create and play Mancala game)

Math Mind Game(See if site guesses number)

Mysterious Mind Reader(The game will read your mind)

Play Mancala 2.0(Play the ancient game of mancala)

Tangram Puzzles(Create your own tangram puzzle)

Tessellation Town(In a faraway land...)

The Mega Penny Project(What would a billion pennies look like?)

Toothpick Puzzles(Solving toothpick problems)


A Fractals Unit(Elementary and Middle School)

A List of Daily Math Graph Questions(Yes/no questions)

Addition Tips and Tricks(Touch points and more)

Albert Einstein Archives(All about Einstein)

Algebra(Excellent Resource)

Ask Dr. Math(Dr. Math answers questions)

Calculator Puzzles(Solve four puzzles)

Calculators Homework Help(Calculator Assistance)

Calendars Through the Ages(Different calendars)

Chisenbop Tutorial(Finger math + - x /)

Classroom Graphing(Many graphing ideas)

Clocks-Teaching Time(See different clocks)

Constructed Response Assessment - Examples(Grade 5)

Constructed Response Assessment - Examples(Grade 6)

Constructed Response Assessment - Examples(Grade 7)

Constructed Response Assessment - Examples(Grade 8)

Count On(Numberland facts & trivia)

Curious Math(Math tricks)

Cyberchase(PBS show, many activities)

Dads Worksheets(Includes long division and practice worksheets)

Dave's Math Tables(Tables and formulas)

Dave's Math Tables(Math, algebra, geometry)

Definitions of Units of Measurement(Not the usual)

Dr. Matrix Math(Grades 5 and up)

Ethnomathematics Web Quest(Historical Resources)

Fact Family Cards(Easy to make)

Family Math Using MS Word(Spreadsheets)

Fractals And Chaos Links(Geometry)

Fractions - Power Points(Presentations of fractions in power point format)

Fraction Shapes With Pattern Blocks(No matter what shape your fractions are in)

Games From Around The World(Popular math games)

Geometry Forum(Geometry through art)

Get Smarter(Amp up your brainpower)

Global Rich List(How rich are you?)

Handley Math Page(Quotes, poems, humor)

History of Mathematics(History and biographies)

How To Solve Magic Squares(Solutions are given)

Hyperstat Online(Statistics Textbook & Tutorial)

Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions(Go boldly where no person has gone before)

Laura Candler's File Cabinent(Excellent resouce site!)

Learning Disabilities Online(Math & dyscalculia)

Magic Squares(Magic square math games)

Math And Children's Literature(Carol Hurst's math literature site)

Math Dictionary(Interactive math dictionary)

Math For Morons Like Us(Learn message boards)

Math Forum K-12(Problems, puzzles, tips & tricks)

Math Games(Cool math games)

Math Games(Give your brain a workout)

Math Graphic Organizers(Introduce new topics)

Math Help-Algebra & More(Overcome math anxiety)

Math In Daily Life(How numbers affect daily decisions)

Math Is Fun(Math practice and worksheets)

Math Night Modules(Ideas and activities)

Math Projects For Science Fairs(Create a winning project)

Math Resources Online(Resource central)

Math Sense(Many activities for younger students)

Math Songs(Use music to teach math facts)

Math Student Handouts(Graph paper, 3D nets, more)

Math.com(Shows math concepts)

Mathematical Imagery(Mathematics and Art)

Mathematics And Children's Literature(Reading list)

Michele's Math(Operations teaching strategies)

Mudd Math Fun Facts(Ideas that will change the way you think)

Music Through The Curriculum(Math, music applications)

Musical Multiplication(Learn multiplication facts)

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles(Challenging puzzles)

NRICH Mathematics Enrichment Club(Explore math in scientific contexts)

Numbers From 1-31(A page about each number)

Numbers In Over 5000 Languages(Say 1-10 in many unique languages)

Online Math Games For Primary Grades(Activities for younger students)

Order of Operations(What goes first?)

Pareto Principle(The 80-20 rule)

Personal Educational Press(Make word lists and puzzles)

Pi Day Resources(Ideas activities links)

Play Ball!(Baseball and ststistics)

Plus Magazine(See the beauty & applications of math)

Preparing Middle School Students For Algebra(Advice on how to prepare students)

Prime Numbers(Ask Dr. Math)

Puzzlemaker(Make puzzles online)

Reduce Math Anxiety(10 ways to reduce)

S.O.S. Math(Covers many levels)

S.O.S. Math(Covers many levels)

Slates, Slide Rules And Software(Teaching math in America)

Solving A Linear-Quadratic System Graphically(Teaching math in America)

Spanish-English Math Dictionary(Dictionary)

Superkids.com(Fraction activities, worksheets and othe math problems)

Tangrams(Learn all about tangrams)

Topmarks Search Engine(Interactive whiteboard resources)

Teach All Students The Multiplication Facts(Games, activities, worksheets)

The 10 Commandments of Math(Classroom version)

The Fibonacci Numbers And Nature(Family trees)

The Mandelbrot Set(Fractals)

The Math Forum(Many math resources)

The Mathematics Of Cartography(Math and maps)

The Mathematics Of Seminole Patchwork (Math and history)

The Oldest Mathematical Object(Math and african history)

The Pop vs. Soda Page(Interesting data collection)

The Secret Lives Of Numbers(Interesting facts of numbers)

Topmarks Education(Activities link resources)

Using Writing in Mathematics to Deepen Student Learning(Tips from Mcrel)

Varnells Moore's Primary Math(Math Activities for younger students)

Webmath(Statistics, algebra, geometry)

What's Special About This Number?(A distinctive fact about a number)

Why Study Mathematics?(Because it is fun!)

Wind Chill Formula And Table(New wind chill temperature formula)

Women Mathematicians(Women in mathematics)

Worldometers(Changing world stats)

Wyz Ant Tutorial(Practice long division and other problems)

Lesson Plans~Printables

12 days of Christmas(Exploring discrete math in the classroom)

Birthdays And The Binary System(A magical mixture)

Can Teach-Numbers(Number resources)

Clocks For Math(Printable clock and clock worksheets)

Decimal Worksheets(Decimals worksheets, charts and tables)

Fractions In Action(Fraction presentation)

Fraction Shapes(Teacher's notes)

Fraction Puzzles With Words(Fraction puzzle)

Gallons And Pints(Gallons to pints conversion)

Game Of 99(Cool card game)

Graphing With Food(Food to make graphs)

Hand Made Manipulatives(Graph paper printables)

Illuminations(Resources for teaching math)

Leaf Math(Seeking a symmetrical leaf)

Lesson Plans Page(Math lesson plans by teachers for teachers)

Lessons Index(Interactive math lessons)

Math Goodies(Lessons, worksheets and homework help)

Math Interviews(Students interview parents)

Math Worksheet Site(On-line math worksheet generator)

Measure Tree Height(How to use a hypsometer)

Mobiles(Create a three dimensional mobile)

Moving Paper Sculpture(Create a moving sculpture)

Multiplication Chart(Create a multiplication grid)

Multiplication Madness(Creative way to learn multiplication)

Oceanography Lesson Plans(Math plans included)

Paper Plate Education(Serving the universe on a paper plate)

Plain Graph Paper Generator(Make graph paper)

Printable Metric Ruler(Ruler printables)

Real Life Integer Bingo(A new way of bingo)

Rectangle Pattern Challenges(Create unique designs)

Shake, Rattle And Roll(A bean game of probability)

Superkids Math Worksheet Creator(Fractions, Percentages, Exponents)

Superkids Math Worksheet Creator(Fractions, Percentages, Exponents)

Teachnology(Math lesson plans)

Tessellations(Using activity pattern blocks)

Thirteen Ed. Online(Math lesson plans)

Time, Money And Temperature(Lessons on time, temperature and money )

Tootsie Pop Pull(Lesson on probability)

Weather Chart(Printable)

Whole Number Worksheets(Printable)

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