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Welcome to Terra Alta/East Preston School Professional Web Site.

New Math Resources For 2015-2016

Georgia Mathematics Educator Forum: Grades K-5 (Math resources for grades K-5)

Georgia Mathematics Educator Forum: Grades 6-8 (Math resources for grades 6-8)

Curriculum Resources For West Virginia

Achieve 3000 (Leader in differentiated instruction)

Achieve the Core (Professional development modules)

Adult Education Guide (From answers.com)

College Career (College and career readiness)

Common Core State Standards (Official standards and documents can be downloaded)

Corepedia.org (The Common Core Standards Resource)

Council of the Great City Schools (Common Core Works-From page to the classroom)

Council for Aid to Education (Assessment that aligns with learning strategies)

Education Resources Information Center (World's largest library of education literature)

Engage New York (Common core curriculum)

Facts Encyclopedia (Large education and teaching section)

Illustrated Mathematics (Provides guidance for math common core state standards)

Learn Zillion (Developing computational fluency in students)

Lexile Framework for Reading (Find the right book for your reading level)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Auspicious advance in math education)

National Geographic Kids (Make learning fun for kids)

National Parent Teacher Association and Common Core (Resources,strategies in support of common core)

Next Generation Science Standards (Monitoring the development of new national science standards)

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (Improve economic and social well-being of people)

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (Monitoring the development of assessments)

Smarter Balanced (Developing assessments aligned to the Common Core )

Smarter Balanced Digital Library (Contain subject and grade-specific instructional resources)

Smarter Balanced Materials (Materials and information about Smarter Balanced)

S.T.E.M. Resources (Resources for science, technology, engineering, and math)

Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (Encourage teacher reflection and conversation)

Teaching Channel (Resources for Common Core)

Teaching Mathematics Developmentaly (Math resources for teachers in WV)

West Virginia Social Studies Teacher Resources (Help for Social Studies Fair)

New! Evaluation Resources For West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website - Teachers

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website - Self-Reflection

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website - Goal Setting

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website - Evidence

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website - Continuous Improvement

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website - Summative Evaluation

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Website - Resources

More Evaluation Resources For West Virginia

Policy 5310 - Currently on Comment

West Virginia Center for Professional Development Evaluation Symbaloo

West Virginia Center for Professional Development Webpage

West Virginia Department of Education Evaluation Webinars

West Virginia Department of Education Online Evaluation Demonstration Page

Technology Resources


Todays Meet

Online Evaluation Guides

Counselor Evaluation Summary




Online Rubrics




Cool Professional Sites

Computational Knowledge Engine

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained (Copytight issues explained)

411 Learn (Find resources on the web)

6+1 Trait Writing from NWREL (Rubrics for writing)

ABC Teach (Generate custom handwriting, math, word walls & more)

ABC You Can Draw (Teach yourself art and drawing)

A Bunch of Rubrics for Use in the Classroom (Rubrics and graphic organizers)

A Student Service Learning Program (Blueprints for student service learning)

A to Z Teacher Stuff (Variety of teaching resources)

A.W. Peller & Associates Catalog (Gifted and talented catalog)

ABC's of the Writing Process (Graphic organizers for writing)

ABC Teach.com (Suggestions to increase learning)

Academic Support Center Copyright Laws (Copyright laws)

Accelerated Schools Project (Designed to improve schooling for all children)

Access Excellence (Interact with a scientist)

Active Peer Mediation Program (Conflict resolution/peer mediation)

Activity Idea Place (Early childhood educator's resource)

Activity Search by Discipline and Grade (Activity search by Houghton Mifflin)

Activity Search by Theme (Activity search by Houghton Mifflin)

Alfy: The Kids Portal Playground (Integrate technology in the classroom)

All Clipart Site (Animated GIF's and backgrounds)

Alphabet Soup (Thematic units)

American Association of School Administrators (Publication from The School Administrator)

American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (Journal of Teacher Education)

American Council on Education (News related to higher education)

American Education Students (Reports on educational surveys)

American Educational Research Association (Abstracts of articles and information)

American Society for Training and Development (Training resources)

An Innovation Odyssey (Use technology to support learning)

Andy's American History Worksheets (History worksheets for students)

Annenberg Institute for School Reform (Improve schooling in America)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (Educational leadership articles and publications)

AskERIC Lesson Plans (Lesson plans are categorized by standard subject areas)

Awesome Library (Exploration of the world wide web - 12,000 resources)

Barry's Clipart Server (Large collection of free clipart)

Busy Teacher's Website (Free printable worksheets)

Cable in the Classroom (Cable in the Classroom magazine online)

Center for Creative Leadership (Leadership, Learning, Life)

Center for Emerging Leadership (Information and newsletter of current events)

Collaborative Lesson Archive (Lesson plans divided by grade levels)

Common Core Standards (Standards and benchmarks for k-12 education)

Content Knowledge (Standards and benchmarks for k-12 education)

Cool Coloring Pages (High quality coloring pages professionally formatted )

Council of Exceptional Children (IDEA information and effective practices)

Critical Evaluation Surveys (Learn to evaluate web pages)

Cyberguides for Literature (Units based on core works of literature designed for students to use the WWW)

Editorial Projects in Education (Special reports and articles)

Education Commission of the States (Daily news and issues information)

Educational Hotlists (Many educational topics)

Educational Worksheets for Children (Worksheets for Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Math, Science and much more.)

Education World (Where educators go to learn)

Fed Stats (Interesting federal statistics)

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics (Over 2000 www resources for the classroom)

Free Clipart Pictures (Offers free clip art downloads in dozens of categories )

Free-ed.net (Free education courses on the internet)

Free Printables for Teachers at Softschools (FREE Worksheets, quizzes, games and online practice)

Free Resources for Teachers and Students (Arts & crafts resources, k12, tests, standards)

Free Stuff for teachers (Addition work sheets, base ten worksheets, clocks, dolch word games)

Free Worksheets From School Express (Reinforcement worksheets for FREE)

Fun Brain (Integrate games in daily lesson plans)

Fun Free Kids Crafts (Are You Looking For Unique Kids Crafts?)

Fun Math Worksheets (FREE math worksheets )

Gamequarium (The site that swims with learning fun!)

Homework Zone (Post your homework online!)

Houghton Mifflin Site Index (Links to many teacher resources)

Internet Resources for Language Teachers and Learners (Information on many languages)

Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (Standards for school leaders)

Intervention Central (Response to intervention; lots of resources)

Institute for Educational Leadership (Program information and reports)

K12 Lesson Plans - Free Teacher Websites (Create a free teacher website)

Kathy's Guide for Educators (Classified list of sites on the Internet)

Lesson Plans 4 Teachers (Lesson Plan is a Bridge Between Student and Teacher)

McRel Home Page (Extensive list of resources that provide lesson plans for all discipline areas)

Math Mania (Excellent set of unusual math lessons)

Microsoft Lesson Plans (K-12 lesson plans from Microsoft)

Middle Georgia RESA (Designed to improve educational programs)

Middle School Teacher's Place (Activities, lesson plans and much more for math teachers)

Music Education at Data Dragon (Activities, lesson plans and much more for music teachers)

New Dimensions (The best interviews on the planet today)

New Horizons (The "building" for new learning)

New York Times Learning Network (News and educational resources)

Nutritional Navigator (Reviews over 200 sites to help in selecting nutritional sites)

Paper Airplanes and Paper Boats (Free interactive 3D animations to fold)

Peterson's (Well respected Peterson's Guide online)

Powerful Learning (Framework for the Accelerated Schools Project)

Resources for Music Educators (Valuable resources for music educators)

Resources to Learn/Teach English (For ESL/EFL/English learners/teachers)

RHL School-Free Worksheets (Supply of free worksheets by subject)

Scholastic Sites (Teacher resource web site)

School Grants (Grant opportunities for K-12 schools)

Smart Briefs (News briefs on educational issues)

Special Education Resources (Collection of internet special education information)

Teachers Helping Teachers (Ideas and tips for many subject areas and much more)

Tennessee Diploma Project (Affects the quality of education)

Tennessee Electronic Learning Center (Content information and scientifically based research)

Tennessee-Expect More Achieve More (Raising the bar in Tennessee schools)

Tennessee-First To The Top (Improving student performance)

Time Savers for Teachers (World's largest collection of printables)

Teaching Resources - All Free (Free teaching resources, worksheets)

U.S. Department of Education (Reports, research and statistics)

West Virginia Department of Education (West Virginia's Education Agency)

West Virginia Teach 21 (Assist colleagues in planning and delivering effective 21st century instruction)

West Virginia Teacher Licensing (West Virginia teacher licensing website)

Worksheet Works (FREE top quality worksheets created on-the-spot)

World Future Society (Articles, publications from The Futurist)

WVDE Webtop (West Virginia K-12 education portal)

Yahoo Math and Science Links (Many math and science links)

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