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Welcome to Terra Alta/East Preston School Social Studies Web Site.
Cool New Sites!

West Virginia Info Depot (User ID 70105 - Password eagles)

West Virginia Social Studies Resources (Help for Social Studies Fair)

Smarter Balanced Practice Test

Smarter Balanced Practice and Training Guide (5th - 8th Grade)

Smarter Balanced Practice Test (5th - 8th Grade)

Directions for Smarter Balanced Practice Test:
1. Sign in as guest
2. Select grade level
3. Select a test to take

Cool Social Studies Sites

A Royal Charter from the King(Create a new colony)

About.com-Geography(Geographic tools)

Ad Access(Historiacal advertisements)

America's Historical Documents(National Archives)

Ancient Mesopotamia(Educational Resource)

Africa(Learn about Africa)

Ancestry.com(Look up your ancestors)

Andersonville Historic Site(Former Cofederate prison camp)

Appalachian Scenic Trail(2,158 mile mountain trail)

Architecture Design (Architecture around the world and across history)

Arctic Studies Center(Study of Arctic peoples and cultures)

Ask Asia - Outreach World(Gateway to Asia)

Aztec History Mexico(Excellent site of the Aztec World)

Bens Guide to U.S. Government(U.S. government that is easy to understand)

Biography(The web's best bios)

Biography of America(History of America)

Black History Museum(In depth look at Black History and many other sites)

Bluestone River(Rugged and ancient gorge)

Chattohoochee River Recreational Area HomeTown(Land along the Chattohoochee River)

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal(184.5 miles of adventure!)

Chesapeake Bay(Explore the Chesapeake)

Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network(Your Chesapeake connection)

Chickamauga National Military Park(Oldest National Military Park)

Chucalissa Archaeological Museum (Learn about a prehistoric Native American town)

CIA-The World Factbook (Collections of maps and cultures by the CIA)

City Population (Contains populations of major cities around the world)

Civil War Animated Map -Gettysburg(Battle of Gettysburg)

Civil War Home Page (Links to many Civil War Sites and much more)

Civil War Traveler (Civil War in Tennessee )

CNN Newsroom (News stories designed for students)

Cumberland Island National Seashore (Largest and Southermost islands off the coast of Georgia)

Egyptian Antiquities (A color tour of ancient Egyptian sites, artifacts and much more)

Egyptian Museum (Collection of Egyptian artifacts including mummies)

Electronic Activist (Email address directory of congress, state offices, etc.)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (See America's ten most wanted fugitives)

Fifty States (Information about the 50 states)

Flags of the World (View flags from around the world)

Fort Frederica National Monument (Southernmost settlement of British)

Fort Pulaski Monument (Masonry fort built in the 19th century)

Fox News Channel (Latest Headlines from around the world)

Gauley River(Wild and wonderful)

GeoBee Quiz (New geography questions every day - win prizes)

Great Smoky Mountains Park (Ridge upon ridge of forest)

Harper Ferry(Step back in time)

History Channel (History is made every day)

History of Tennessee Valley Authority (From a new deal to a new century)

History of Today (Daily historical facts)

History Place (Online history exhibits)

How Stuff Works - History of West Virginia (History Timeline of WV)

Hyperhistory Online (History on charts)

Jimmy Carter National Site (Life of former President Carter)

Kennesaw National Battlefield Park (Civil War battlefield)

Know Your States(Place a state in the precise location)

Learning About the Holocaust (Produced for the National Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Let's Go Around the World (Global exploration site)

Library of Congress (Massive amounts of information)

Map Collections (Map collections from 1544 to present)

Martin Luther King Historic Site (Honors the memory of Dr. King)

Natchez Trace Parkway (Visit the Meriwether Lewis momument)

National Archives (Great historical site)

National Geographic Online (Home page to National Geographic)

National Historical Landmarks in West Virginia (Landmarks in West Virginia)

New River Gourge(A river runs through it)

Newsweek Education Program (Build bridges to real-world issues)

Ocumulgee National Monument (Site dedicated to pre-Columbian man)

Oregon Trail (The story of the trail and those who traveled it)

People's Century (PBS discusses "history of the people")

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collections (Comprehensive collection of historical maps from every continent)

Presidents of the United States (Many facts about all the Presidents)

Preston County (Information about Preston County)

Preston County Buckwheat Festival (A tradition in Preston County)

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS Online)

Revolutionary War Web Sites (Links to many Revolutionary War sites and battles)

Roman Forum (Learn about the history, religion and daily life in the Roman Forum)

Smithsonian (Links to all Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C.)

Terra Alta - Town Information (Information about Terra Alta)

Terra Alta, West Virginia (Facts about Terra Alta)

Titanic (Story of the Titanic)

United States History (From Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium)

United States Map Game (Place the states game)

Virtual Civil War (Civil War Photos)

West Virginia Archives and History (Articles about people, places and history)

West Virginia Division of Culture(Identify, preserve, protect, promote artifacts)

West Virginia Explorer(One stop travel guide)

West Virginia Geography(Geography of West Virginia)

West Virginia Geography - The Land(Geography and landforms of West Virginia)

West Virginia History (Facts about West Virginia)

West Virginia - History.com (Articles, video, pictures, and facts )

West Virginia - Landmarks and Points of Interest (Great places to visit)

Welcome to the White House (Everything Presidential)

Wheeling(Preserving WV history)

World Atlas (Great maps, excellent geographic tools)

World Clock (Find the current time anywhere in the world)

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